The Real Dem Primary Story

In the Here and Now….

Here’s a new meme for ya: Hey Hillary, stop ‘bloodying Bernie up for the General!’, or, how about “Hey, Hillary supporters, you’re gonna ‘hold your nose and vote for Bernie in the general, right?”

I’m sick of ‘progressive-lite’ talking heads railing on Bernie and his supporters for ‘bruising Hillary up’ so as to make her more likely to lose to the Republicans, as if this primary is nothing but a sham; just pre-game entertainment for Hillary’s coronation.  It’s time for Hillary supporters to read the news and realize that the Democratic Party, at least in terms of what voters want, is moving left FAST. Time to re-frame the debate.

Voting for Hillary is voting for THE Establishment candidate who presents ZERO threat to the global corporate power that’s running this country and all countries, ZERO threat to our 100% corrupt campaign finance system, ZERO threat to national defense industry profit, ZERO threat to a global trade system that continues to enslave more populations daily, ZERO threat to Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and our horribly compromised FDA, ZERO threat to a ‘charter school empire’ assembling under our noses (fast-tracking a full privatization to our school system which will essentially roll back Brown vs Board Of Education).

I can go on and on. It’s time to have REAL conversations about Hillary’s record, her statements on record, her convenient flip-flops with zero indication that she now means what she says and that she’s truly repented from her old ‘rightwing-lite’ (more former than latter) ways.

But, getting back to the original point: It’s primary season. The election isn’t over. We don’t stand with Hillary….but we will stand against Trump, or any other PSYCHOPATH (they’re not even dignified enough to be called ‘sociopaths’) from the Republican side.

Let’s be honest, the big threat here is that Hillary voters are a HUGE THREAT to POUT and Stay Home if Hillary doesn’t win. Their statements that they’re worried about Bernie voters is Projection.

Hillary Voters: Tell Me The Issues that Hillary Supports that have earned your vote. Give me Examples of what Hillary has done or examples where she has been Consistent in her rhetoric since day one. Explain the flip-flops on DOMA, TPP, NAFTA,

Show me how her Requiring $225K per speech to Big Bank executives doesn’t indicate her allegiance to them.

EVERY INDICATION shown by Hillary Rodham Clinton is that she will betray the 99% the second she’s inaugurated, if not before (like how Obama crapped on the 99% by picking Tim Geithner as his Treasury secretary).  Of course she will betray the 99%. She is 1% through and through and fully supports our current systems of global corporate oppression.

Who are these people, the Clintons? What kind of values did they impart on their daughter to where she grew up to marry an investment banker.  You think Hillary’s gonna be tough on bankers?  Her daughter married one!.

Bernie Sanders has shown his true colors for over 30 years. Unfortunately for Hillary, her true colors have seeped out against her will for decades too, and anyone who actually paid attention should have Serious Doubts about giving her power until the ONLY choice is her or a Republican, cuz…SCOTUS and such.


Goodbye Robin – You’re Free At Last

I’m extremely sad today, not just because Robin Williams is dead, but also the reason that he just couldn’t go on.

Some jaded people today may be asking: “Why are we mourning for Robin Williams, just one more rich dead celebrity”.

We’re not really mourning for him though.

We’re mourning for ourselves. We are sad that he can’t give us his gifts anymore.

But, We are also mourning for others who feel that kind of pain, who put on facades and feel abject loneliness or despair no matter how many friends they have or attention, love, or affection they receive because they could never form that loving bond with themselves.

A child doesn’t even necessarily have to be ‘abused’ to miss out on that, or they’re abused in ways that are so subtle yet insidious that they never feel genuine connections with anyone. People who have parents who are never genuine with them, who are either bitter sarcastic or falsely cheerful, as Robin Williams described his own parents. Some people worked so hard for so long at putting up facades that they can’t even tell what’s real because they themselves can’t tell.

Our whole culture is built upon the erection of facades. American Exceptionalism is a facade. We can only create the atrocities we do because of living with these facades. We can justify the unconscionable because of facades, we can murder people on order because of facades.

We can fail at building real bonds with our children because of facades, our inability to admit when we’re afraid, or sad, or admit that we don’t know and we’re not as strong as we wish we were. Real courage is not having a lack of fear. Real courage is feeling fear and taking on our challenges anyway. Cowardice is pretending that we don’t have the fear. That cowardice is what builds our facades. That cowardice is what creates institutionally sociopathic behavior like state-sanctioned torture and putting low-level drug users in Supermax prisons where almost every cell is solitary confinement.

These facades just get so fucking old. If you’re honest about what you’re looking at, you can see them everywhere. Living inside one is not living. Robin Williams lived inside one and look how that turned out.


Well, I’m glad that’s ‘over’….


Ah, the yearly self-aggrandizing circle jerk known as the ‘anniversary of September 11th’. It’s over, for another year, at least. Yet I’ll still see plenty of bumper stickers that say:

“We will never forget”

Just another, trite, empty, meaningless blurb from our ever-hollowing, birdbath-deep ‘wellspring’ of current cultural ‘wisdom’. More mindless fodder for bumper sticker sales and gun sales. It really is amazing, though, just how much really has been forgotten. Did ‘we’ remember the efforts of our first responders? Not likely, because as I type this, healthcare claims of many of those first responders are getting ignored by bureaucracy after bureaucracy of govt and insurance companies 12 years later. Here’s a story about this:  (OK, so this is from 11 years after the attack) I think the spirit of these peoples’ efforts is forgotten too. If I’m not mistaken, families of the 19 firefighters killed by that recent wildfire out west (I think it was AZ) were having their claims denied by insurance companies due to either part-time status, or some other bullshit technicality. Here’s a story about that:

Did we remember the servicemen & women that were injured in the military conflicts started as a result of (but were really planned ahead of time anyway) the 9/11 terrorist acts? Not so much… Funding and logistics to care for these injured veterans is continually under the chopping block and is amazingly deplorable and gutwrenchingly terrible for the soldiers and families of our fallen heroes.

As evidenced by discussions that can be seen on thousands of message-boards and blogs and such, among things that we apparently can’t remember is who was even at the helm, or was responsible for allowing that days’ events to unfold as they did. Who was it, again, who had a national security memo placed on their desk on August 6 (interesting anniversary that day is already), 2001 that read “Bin Laden determined to strike the US…use of planes as bombs flown into key targets yadda yadda”  That same dolt was then later quoted saying something to the effect of “we never imagined that they would hijack commercial airliners and fly them into buildings”  Who was that idiot again?  Isn’t it the same guy that millions of racist cracker ‘Amurikans’ would rather see in the White House now than ‘blackie mcblackman’ (to quote a Bill Maher phrase that cracks me up).  ‘2001 A Spacehead Odyssey’  I digress, I just thought of that and I had to get it out there.

Now, I don’t even wanna get into the whole conspiracy theory thing here, because even if the ‘official story’ (an epic tale of preposterous coincidence after ludicrous circumstance that strains every last fiber of credibility) is ‘true’, it’s incredibly damning for a lot of people who still get to be pundits on mainstream media and point fingers at 0-dawg & da boyz….& Hilly C.  The corporate state megaphone (mainstream media) may not have ‘forgotten’ (conveniently remembering for ratings and further propaganda blasting to reinforce pro-corporate state memes), but they sure have no shame in giving those responsible for being asleep at the switch (or worse) platforms in which to pontificate about everything that’s currently wrong about our current govt which just isn’t quite right-wing fascist enough for their tastes.

Anything, though, about 9/11 that could be at all beneficial for the population of the USA to remember; lessons like ‘blowback’ or inter-agency cooperation, or ‘catching more flies with honey than vinegar’, or anything at all to stem the will of dissidents and/or ‘terrorists’ (people whose whole families were killed by drone bombs) to do us harm, those lessons, are all surely forgotten. They’re all swept under the rugs of further xenophobia and hatred of everything that’s not wealthy and white. Not only that, but the surveillance state creep facilitated by the ‘memory’ of 9/11 continues to grow in it’s scope and malicious intent to quell dissent, and that brings me to something else.

Another lesson that surely has not been heeded, a lesson stated by Benjamin Franklin (you know, that nutball that was out flying kites in his pajamas). Those willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

I’m not gonna say that 9/11/01 was the day that America died, because it was surely being chipped away prior to that. Even a trip in the ‘way-back machine’ would show that dissent could be criminalized when John Adams pushed through the Alien & Sedition Act (seems like a creation of today’s times, doesn’t it?) in 1798.  A govt should fear its people, not the other way around like it currently stands. Unfortunately, our people fear our people. Terrorism is all around and happens every day, like when a mfg plant closes and moves to a slave-labor country, or when a retail outlet closes and an Amazon logistics center becomes the only job-site for 500 square miles, or when a chemical plant blows up due to the negligence of its owners and weakened regulation capabilities to enforce currently existing EPA or OSHA laws. You know, REAL terrorism. Some other terrorism includes banks foreclosing on peoples houses even though they’ve never even missed a payment (sure happens more frequently than planes getting flown into buildings), or people getting fired for wearing a shirt that a boss didn’t like, or rape victims getting ‘slut-shamed’ into suicide. How about a one-word terrorist act: Detroit? 

Anyway, every one of the examples that I’ve used can be written about in great lengths, and has been. I’m just sickened by the trivial ways the events of 9/11/01 have been remembered and forgotten. Every day, in every way, we walk in the shadow of that and the palpable undercurrent carries off into a sea of shit unless we take the time to grab a hold of meaning and value and big-picture reality. Contrary to popular wisdom, 1+1 actually does = 2, no matter how much money is spent trying to convince us otherwise. Take some time today and moving forward to account for all things that you know are REAL and have real value and meaning to you and society at large. Draw clear lines to differentiate the pure, unadulterated truths in life from the rest of the stimulus you receive from our culture, the flashing noisy boxes and everything else designed to confuse, confound, disarm, disable and destroy you and the ones you love.



Then, if you’re bored, one day and have some time….:

It’s just a viewpoint. Strictly an entertainment product. Embrace or refute at your leisure.


Beep Beep, Click Click

and about 20 other super f’n loud sounds over and over again; soundwaves blasted at my brain to determine if there’s anything in there that doesn’t belong.

Clean bill of health, the email said. Well, that’s relative.  Thousands and thousands of dollars spent for detection machines for this and that to preserve and defend the health and livelihood of a determinate % of citizens, while other US citizens literally starve to death for lack of a single dollar, among them 1/3 of all US children.

Thin the heard, right? Is that the concept enabling the sociopath’s blind eye we’re all conditioned to develop so keenly? One day these people are among us, shopping at the mall, taking their kids to school and playing t-ball with your kids and mine, valuable members of the community. And then a company decides to up and have all their production done by foreign slaves, the bank decides not to help a homeowner refinance, and all the above is lost. Suddenly, these personas-non-gratas are pariahs, invisible at best to we the fortunate in our fortresses of solitude. Suddenly, these people who’ve done pretty much everything they were trained to believe was right about living the American dream are pests to us; unsightly walking cancers that threaten to strip the veil of security we feel only slightly as we peruse the merchandise . We can’t afford to look back lest we break stride and become churned by the combine on our heels. There’s few nurse sharks among us. We swim or we drown if not consumed by unceasing, voracious bigger fish compelled to consume because they can.

Anyway, this pond is fished out. Another digression from the intended meme. Orwell’s tired and he’s had enough. If Big Brother wanted us up from under his boot  then we would be. Harvesting the fields to feed the machines takes SOME effort and the operators have their orders. Striving for better angels is disruptive and the when the cost of disobedience is ubiquitous, tunnel vision just seems prudent.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, No No No, must everything be so dramatic? It’s just the amplification, cranked to penetrate the din, the unceasing hum of systems on overload and mufflers in disrepair. Hearing oneself think is luxury few can really afford. Their’s a cadence to this crashing, a pulse to the pummeling, so roll roll roll with the gut-punch parade, scream at 11 the same serenade lest the Jones up ahead may leave you behind and crushed you’ll be by the combine grind.

Ehh, too arty-farty again, my bad. “Why can’t you just be normal?” You may say. I try, it just doesn’t happen that way.

The weather is nice today, hurray! Here in the near-west ‘burbs of a city second to none; just different with its own charm and harm. Soon, perhaps, I will go down deep for an urban peep. The sounds await to be heard, not inferred and the heavy doom rock cannot not be stopped. The Deep Space Pilots are again on a Quest to save the Earth from afterbirth. While even the sun may change it’s polarity, The DSP will bring us clarity. Feel the heat from the jets of their craft. Sooner than later, before not aft. The Pilots are about to commence ignition, so strap it down, and joint the mission.

I think that’s the plan for the weekend, the only way is to dive in the deep end.


Daddy’s got a brand new bblaaagg

Doesn’t it seem like the spelling of the word ‘blog’ really doesn’t do justice to how the word sounds. It really sounds like it should be, like, blaahgg.

Anyway, I’ve been told that my smartass musings on the world terra firma, extra terra, and terr ible are too wordy to put on facebook, and that I might ruffle the feathers of ‘friends’,  you know, people that would piss on me unless I was on fire.

So, I guess that means, in here, I can say what I REALLY feel, especially if I wanna live life in social quarantine. Hmm, this inspires me to quote my favorite Gentleman Rhymer, the distinguished Professor Elemental:

“My apologies you’ve had to use complex directions, I’m currently avoiding arrest and detection

Banned from the rolls of clubs & society, told I lack sanity, even sobriety”

Hey, if the shoe fits…

Among the random daily brain drippings, this sight may include discussion of sports, music, shit thought of as music that really isn’t anything but cultural defecation, and politics, which is, truly, cultural defecation.

There will be plenty of green text, or as the non-phanner call it, links, hyperlinks, and

I wish not to be a Champion of the blogosphere, and will work less than diligently to avoid being an insufferable gasbag. Unlike the other green board where I opine with less than an academic researcher’s sourcing, I will actually try and back-up my bullshit with facts. However, just cuz it’s supported by facts doesn’t mean it’s bullshit. So everything won’t be exactly the apple bruising Newton’s head.

Besides, we know that there are ‘economists’ who make it their livelihoods to teach you that in this world, they can indeed make 1+1 = 3, and if you challenge them, you’re just dismissed as the ‘unwashed masses’. More on that later…

Well, I have some money to make so, until next time…