Can we NOT Kill retail, Please?

Let’s all kill retail, right? So easy and probably cheaper to buy shit off the computer. Fuck the mall. Fuck people. People suck, right?
“This report, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, proves that retail powers the American economy. According to the study, retail is the largest private employer in the United States. Retail directly and indirectly supports 42 million jobs, provides $1.6 trillion in labor income and contributes $2.6 trillion annually to U.S. GDP.”
So, unless you’re Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, who’s gonna buy your product or your service? Certainly none of the unemployed retail workers. Who’s gonna buy your product by truckload to put in stores? The stores will be gone. You think Amazon’s gonna give you price point that allows you to make a profit?
42 million jobs to disappear. Where are these people going to find the money to buy anything you sell? They can be ‘entrepreneurs’ and come up with great new products and services and their customers will be ‘who?’ Who’s gonna make their products? More brown people in fucking hell-holes making $1 a day?
We can talk about how much Trump sucks all day, but who’s really cutting throats here? We all are. If we’re cutting throats, is anyone really innocent? Does ‘why; matter to someone who’s life is destroyed by lack of opportunity? Are you going to pay anyone $9 bucks an hour to cut your lawn when someone’s williing to do it for $5, even if it means they live 10-people-to a studio apt?
We’re at war with each other and we’ve been at this for a long time. The social compact isn’t worth TP to wipe our asses with. We point our fingers at ‘the lack of civility in politics’ while we make decisions every day that cut throats.
Why do you deserve safety and comfort when you so willingly destroy others without caution or care?
When I say ‘You’, I include myself in that. I’ve bought shit online.
But, we all have to look in the mirror here and realize that ‘politics’ isn’t just about govt, and ‘class war’ is more like ‘civil war’ and that we’re each stabbing ourselves and each other.
Are we all becoming agoraphobic? Is it just ‘OK’ now to hate people’ and that’s a punchline?  Fuck ‘community’, fuck your neighbor?
Sorry, but ‘fuck xx’ is an act of war, and people die and get hurt in war. When’s it gonna be your turn? Oh, ‘you’ve been hurt, too’? So? Is your response then to hurt others?
Our society, at large, is just becoming a steaming turd and it’s no wonder we’ve ‘elected’ a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths.  You know who sticks together? The fucking Christians. They, at least, are united through their hated of everyone that isn’t like them. We’re not even that united. We only hate everyone who isn’t specifically us. They’ve got our asses beat, even though they’re too fucking stupid to know that in their unity, they’ve championed the weapons of their own demise, too.
The extra $5 you spend on a shirt at the mall vs Amazon can keep employed the worker who then spends money on the service or good you’re providing, and keep your business running.
The vast majority of people buying shit online can afford the extra little cost to go out and keep retailers alive and keep people employed, so that those employees can buy our goods and services.
This zero-sum-game economy we have right now is circling the bowl. Desperate people do desperate things. Desperate people are full of anger, frustration, and rage and any one of us could wind up in the cross-hairs of these people.  Angry people don’t think well, and these are usually the people who vote out of spite and hate; so easily convinced that minorities and women have it better and so willing to punish them for those perceived crimes.
We’ve all heard about ‘institutionalized racism’, but what else is ‘institutionalized? Institutionalized misanthropy, gluttony, greed, selfishness, bigotry against everyone that isn’t specifically you?
Seriously, get out to a shopping center before they’re gone. Say hello to a clerk. Ask some questions, have a conversation.
We are So Far From Alone if we only allow ourselves to share ourselves with other people and vice versa. 95% of the shit you can find online you can still find in a store. Who knows, you may learn something from someone who’s job is to know things about the products they have. Most of these places are running sales on stuff almost all the time.
Our whole mindset needs to change because we’re literally turning into something that’s less than human.  Where’s the ‘nurturing mammal brain’ interaction? We’ve’ just been trained so that our lizard brain is the ‘user’ and our human brain is the ‘program’. Shit is backwards.
I just had to say this in light of Amazon now buying Whole Foods and automating and further destroying the economy for an even larger group of people.
Just keep in mind that there is one store that a lot of people are still going to to get their hands on the merchandise.
The gun store.
When they have nothing left to lose, what will we lose?

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