Serving Evil Is Treason

It’s treason against your country, it’s treason against your species, it’s treason against your planet and all life upon that planet.

So, what is ‘Treason’? Let’s ask one of the oldest and most trusted literary sources of information.

You tell me: Is this Treason?

Is perpetual lying about where things actually stand on issue after issue for the purpose of pushing an agenda that will do material harm to pretty much all life on Planet Earth treason?

More on this definition of ‘treason’ to come. However, knowing what we know; is supporting this engine of destruction also treason?  I believe it is. These are some other things I believe.

Ignorance is NOT an excuse: If you are of a herd who have wallowed in lies and misinformation because they support your worldview, or that of your family; a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic worldview, thereby causing you to believe lies over unadulterated fact on every substantial issue that affects all of us, then you are 99% likely to engage in behavior that is tantamount to treason. Voting for politicians who support destructive and incredibly harmful policy is treasonous behavior, in this author’s opinion. In likelihood, you are also engaging in other destructive behavior like using racist, xenophobic, sexist, anti-LGBT language in the public sphere, thereby influencing others into supporting and perpetrating said behavior.  Context and degree do matter in this department.

Now, we get into serving as tools or vehicles for destroying the institutions and ideals of this nation.  This pertains to local and state levels as well. Police who violate the oath to protect and serve are traitors, period. They are betraying those for whom they serve.  This especially goes for those working for ICE, but also in service to a DEA that serves Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, the Private Prison Industry, the Military Industrial Complex, and everyone else other than the citizens of this nation whom they are sworn to serve and protect.

Next; let’s get into ‘Honor & Protect’… The Armed Forces. The Armed Forces are not The Government, they are not ‘We The People’. They are not ‘The Citizenry of the USA, or ‘The American Taxpayer’.  The Armed Forces are SERVANTS of these entities. They are SERVANTS of The Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, ‘We The People’, The Citizens Of The United States Of America.  You know ‘The Pledge Of Allegiance’? Those who enter the Armed Forces of the USA are pledging their allegiance and their bodies, minds and souls towards Protecting This Republic, for which our ‘Old Glory’ flag stands as a symbol, a symbol For Liberty AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!
As a member of the armed forces, are you serving your country when you follow the orders of a traitor?  When the civilian leadership of the Republic For Which You Stand is committing treason 5 five times a fucking day, are you serving your country?  The Answer is FUCK NO!”
When your superiors, including said civilian leadership is ordering you to commit atrocities that are clearly nothing but naked, unabashed murder, are you serving your country?
So, let me ask you this: When was the last time the US military fired a weapon in actual defense of this country? 1945? Can you honestly tell me another occasion where the USA’s armed forces needed to kill someone to Protect The Republic?
Did we fight the Korean War for the protection of The Republic?
Did we fight the Vietnam war for the protection of The Republic?
Did we fight either Iraq War for the protection of The Republic?

Ok, so, it’s fucking obvious what you’re going to say now because of how well you’ve been trained to be subservient to the machines of oligarchy.
“Our military keeps us safe”, “We have enemies who would look to do us harm if we were not so well defended” “Our military has been used aggressively to dissuade our enemies from attacking us” (Well, if you believe the official story of 9/11, our military was fucking useless against 19 (mostly-) Saudis with box-cutters, while our military’s air defense deliberately stood down and allowed the ‘terrorists’ to succeed in killing 4,000+ people.)
Why were we attacked, though? You don’t think it was as retribution for the USA’s other uses of the military to aid and abet multinational corporations  in stealing natural resources from the citizens of these middle-Eastern countries? Or, maybe it was in retaliation for the USA’s support of a patently fascist Likud government’s oppression and subjugation of Muslim people on land that was essentially stolen from them by Caucasian, Christian Europe and the USA?

As a member of the US Armed Forces: Who are you serving? What ends are you serving? Who is profiting from your actions?  It can be objectively stated that our armed forces have not acted to serve and protect this Republic since 1945.  All the king’s horses and all the king’s men have not kept We The People of the USA safe.
Now to really double down: The popular slogan used to ‘support the troops’ is that ‘they are fighting for your FREEDOM’. Are they?  We The People have been losing freedom and liberty at breakneck pace since 9/11. Our right to privacy is now officially gone on the internet, GPS all over the planet is literally identifying our whereabouts 24/7. Our phones calls are being recorded and kept on servers, every key-stroke we make on the computer is being saved for future analysis, or future inundation for commercial purposes.
We are not allowed to march in peaceful protest in most places, but are either relegated to ‘free-speech zones’ away from the eyes of viewers and fellow citizens. 18 statehouses are close to signing in law bills that will classify labor strikes and protest marches as ‘terrorism’.

Let’s look at just what ‘freedom’ our armed forces ARE serving to protect:
The freedom now for coal mines to dump sludge in rivers, The freedom for employers to steal your wages; the freedom for employers to make employees work in unsafe conditions, the freedom for multinational corporations to run tar-sludge oil pipelines, all of which have leaked or will leak (because every one of them does, sooner not later) through our states, poisoning our rivers and land, the freedom for multinational corporations to violate treaties with Native Americans, stealing their land and eventually poisoning them and their children. This is 100% unadulterated fact. This is not ‘opinion’.
Let’s see…what are some of the other ‘freedoms’ our armed forces are willing to kill and die for to protect: Here’s a happy one: the freedom for the armed forces to no longer provide daycare on military bases. How’s that one for ya? The freedom for male soldiers to rape other soldiers, especially when they have rank above the victim. The freedom to expel through dishonorable discharge the victims of sexual assault. The freedom for male soldiers to post nude and dehumanizing pictures of female soldiers on the internet.
Let’s get back to some broader scope ‘freedoms’ that our armed forces will kill and die to protect: The freedom for corporations to manufacture overseas without being a ‘foreign company’ and paying tariffs, and then being a ‘foreign company’ when it’s time to pay taxes in the states in which the corporate offices exist, or to the federal govt in this country. While they’re doing that, they’re advertising on TV wrapping themselves in Old Glory. Ain’t that a great ‘freedom’ to die for, soldier?

Listen, I can go On AND ON here with more of these ‘freedoms for the rich’ and ‘deprivations of freedom and liberty for the other 99% of us’. And I will in other posts.
But, it’s time to take a long fucking look at WHO you are serving, WHO are you killing for and WHO are you willing to die for, because none of you have done either for WeThePeople for a LONG FUCKING TIME!


Are you aware that since Trump has been in office, our standards for limiting civilian casualties have gone out the window? Our military is now dropping bombs with ZERO regard for killing innocent civilians. We are, in fact, dropping bombs with ALMOST ZERO strategic benefit.
Donald Trump said, during the campaign, that it was OK to go after the families of terrorists. Even that would be an exponentially greater standard than what has been happening in the last 2+ months.  We are murdering people to ‘set the tone’, to show our ‘enemies’ that we have zero mercy and zero regard for human life. These bombs are not dropping themselves. Soldiers are dropping these bombs. We are literally murdering people by the hundreds in Cold Blood.  Is this what the Greatest Generation fought Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito for? So that one day their great grandsons and daughters would, in the name of the flag of the United States of America murder innocent people in cold blood?



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