Hitler was an amateur

compared to what we’re dealing with now.

I was going to post this directly to Facebook but I’m putting it in here instead so not everyone has to suffer my ‘negativity’ (“the truth is a bummer, dude”).




show on the main page…

I’m starting to wonder if Trump and Republicans have the same idea in regards to creating ethnic purity in the USA as Likud govt has for Israel. Not just ethnic purity. It seems a movement is afoot to purge anyone who isn’t white, straight and Christian. These people, both in the cabinet and surrounding Trump’s inner circle (including his sons) are literal white supremacists AND evangelical Christian zealots/Rapture believers and subscribers. I’m not making this up one bit. Mike Pompeo. Do you know who that guy is? Erik Prince? Know who that is? Steve Bannon? Trump’s own son has been a devout follower of Stormfront for years. Google Stormfront These people are running our government now.
But, Hillary’s emails, amirite?
In case you haven’t been following. The issue that essentially sunk her campaign, the private server for email thing? Trump and his people are doing it in broad daylight holding up a middle finger.
Like I said, it was intended for my FB wall so it’s short. I’ll be glad to discuss this with anyone that wants to chime in.

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