Get A Grip: It’s a Dog.

People, in general > dogs. regarding the importance of lives.

Some of y’all get really creepy sometimes posting things that suggest you believe otherwise.

In light of the human suffering on this planet, and Strictly In This Context, I don’t give a fuck about your dog. Sorry, Not Sorry.

It gets Really obnoxious seeing so many things on here with the insane dog-worship.Your dog is no more important than a cheetah, in fact it’s a 1,000 degrees less important relative to scarcity. Would I shoot a cheetah if it meant saving a human life? Duh, yeah! Would you shoot a dog to save an innocent human life? I really wonder.

Now, the key word in the above sentence is ‘innocent’. If a cop shot my dog, we’d have a Serious problem relating life form to life form, where I’d really want to change the nature of the asshole’s ‘life form’ status.

But, with the amount and degree of human suffering going on, with so many Americans and other white peoples on this planet showing insane level of disregard for non-white people on this planet (and other white people too that may not be male, Christian, straight, or just someone that isn’t you), seeing the dog-worship that people post every day completely smacks of oblivious narcissism.

Why am I favoring human life here? Human potential.

Fido can do all the tricks he wants but Fido will never find a cure for a dread disease, or donate millions to the same cause, or support a family financially, or be a legacy to sustain a family.  I’m talking about capability. How seeds are grown impacts the fruit of the harvest much more so than the seed itself. But dismissing the seed entirely means you are incapable and undeserving of any harvest.

That’s enough of this: Just have some fucking perspective, please?


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