She just couldn’t help herself

This AIPAC speech thing is such a bummer.
Patently supporting Likud’s atrocities and illegal settlements in the West Bank is so vulgar and insults the very fabric of what the USA stands for. It’s a nuclear bomb dropped on any pretense of the USA having ‘moral authority’ or being the ‘shining city on the hill’ or whatever metaphors work for you. Obama had earned a lot of my respect for having the righteous gumption to push back against Netanyahu while Romney and all the others formed the line to lick Likud’s very dirty ass (and very bloody hands) and now the leading Democratic Presidential candidate for POTUS is laying claim to be King Of Likud Support, completely condoning all violations of Int’l law, blatant racism, murder and de facto apartheid. We’re talking about a candidate who shared hugs with Henry Kissinger, George W Bush, Donald Trump and, of course, Bibi Netanyahu who is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz rolled into one big ball of goat excrement.
This election has proved to be a choice of one candidate who looks to represent WeThePeople versus a mountain of pure evil. The scant daylight that existed between the Rethuglican field and the Establishment Democrat is disappearing quickly.
I knew where Hillary Clinton stood on the issue and tried to tell anyone who would listen, but now she just showed her ‘ugly on the inside’ to the world, proving to brown people everywhere that she stands on the side of the oppressor, which is no surprise to those of us that have always paid attention to these things.
Too much of a Broad Brush, you say?
Ever heard of a place called Honduras?
Just to prove that I’m far from alone in my disappointment with this development:

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