The Real Dem Primary Story

In the Here and Now….

Here’s a new meme for ya: Hey Hillary, stop ‘bloodying Bernie up for the General!’, or, how about “Hey, Hillary supporters, you’re gonna ‘hold your nose and vote for Bernie in the general, right?”

I’m sick of ‘progressive-lite’ talking heads railing on Bernie and his supporters for ‘bruising Hillary up’ so as to make her more likely to lose to the Republicans, as if this primary is nothing but a sham; just pre-game entertainment for Hillary’s coronation.  It’s time for Hillary supporters to read the news and realize that the Democratic Party, at least in terms of what voters want, is moving left FAST. Time to re-frame the debate.

Voting for Hillary is voting for THE Establishment candidate who presents ZERO threat to the global corporate power that’s running this country and all countries, ZERO threat to our 100% corrupt campaign finance system, ZERO threat to national defense industry profit, ZERO threat to a global trade system that continues to enslave more populations daily, ZERO threat to Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and our horribly compromised FDA, ZERO threat to a ‘charter school empire’ assembling under our noses (fast-tracking a full privatization to our school system which will essentially roll back Brown vs Board Of Education).

I can go on and on. It’s time to have REAL conversations about Hillary’s record, her statements on record, her convenient flip-flops with zero indication that she now means what she says and that she’s truly repented from her old ‘rightwing-lite’ (more former than latter) ways.

But, getting back to the original point: It’s primary season. The election isn’t over. We don’t stand with Hillary….but we will stand against Trump, or any other PSYCHOPATH (they’re not even dignified enough to be called ‘sociopaths’) from the Republican side.

Let’s be honest, the big threat here is that Hillary voters are a HUGE THREAT to POUT and Stay Home if Hillary doesn’t win. Their statements that they’re worried about Bernie voters is Projection.

Hillary Voters: Tell Me The Issues that Hillary Supports that have earned your vote. Give me Examples of what Hillary has done or examples where she has been Consistent in her rhetoric since day one. Explain the flip-flops on DOMA, TPP, NAFTA,

Show me how her Requiring $225K per speech to Big Bank executives doesn’t indicate her allegiance to them.

EVERY INDICATION shown by Hillary Rodham Clinton is that she will betray the 99% the second she’s inaugurated, if not before (like how Obama crapped on the 99% by picking Tim Geithner as his Treasury secretary).  Of course she will betray the 99%. She is 1% through and through and fully supports our current systems of global corporate oppression.

Who are these people, the Clintons? What kind of values did they impart on their daughter to where she grew up to marry an investment banker.  You think Hillary’s gonna be tough on bankers?  Her daughter married one!.

Bernie Sanders has shown his true colors for over 30 years. Unfortunately for Hillary, her true colors have seeped out against her will for decades too, and anyone who actually paid attention should have Serious Doubts about giving her power until the ONLY choice is her or a Republican, cuz…SCOTUS and such.


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