Time To Skin the Boards

The following is part of a monologue given by a character in a novel I’m working on-

So ‘Corporations are people’, huh?  They, as an entity have the same rights as individual people, said the Supreme Court Of The United States somewhat recently.

“Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010, upholding the rights of corporations to make political expenditures under the First Amendment, there have been several calls for a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood.”

So, that’s ‘nice’, huh?  Well, it’s time to realize that corporations are people… they are composed of people. Board members and executive staff starting with Chief Executive Officers. These are flesh and blood people, people. They have prime directives made of the same stuff as other people. They air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and they need shelter from the cold or other extreme weather, they need ‘safety’.

The problem is that, based on their actions, they are Undeserving of almost all these things, so these things need to be taken from them. Starting with safety.

That which they vote to support, or allow to occur while they remain in the company’s stead, drawing income from dividends, or salaries.  The board of Nestle allows a CEO to publicly state that drinking water is not a human right. He’s still CEO.

We can find out who these people are, where they live, where they eat, where their kids go to school. where they ‘vacation’, what property they own, etc. They need to be made to suffer the way their corporations make WeThePeople suffer.  Their votes are acts of terrorism. They are terrorists.

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists…” Sounds like many people on these boards of directors, doesn’t it?  Sounds just like the Big Pharma corps that make millions on opioid pills that have led to pretty fast deaths of hundreds of thousands of people hooked on them who then overdosed or had their lives wrecked otherwise.

But, this isn’t just about being punitive. This is also about survival for most of life on Earth. Pesticides are killing the bee populations. Without bees to pollinate, much plant life will die out, including most of the fruits and vegetables we eat and need for vitamins and health.  The people on these boards of these pesticide manufactures, such as Bayer/Monsanto (who have a near monopoly on global agriculture, don’t care. They’re just that fucking stupid and greedy. They need to be Removed because they are terrorists and they are threatening all life on Earth.

Our oceans are full of more plastic particles than fish, like 100s of times over.  Yet in order to get 4 razor cartridges affordably, ,you have to buy a new razor because buying that amount of cartridges, alone, costs 35% more than buying a new razor with equal number of cartridges as the refill packs. I’ve got 5 odd razors. I can only use one at a time. This example exemplifies the kind of waste that is intrinsic in our global capitalist system. This doesn’t need to be this way to still be ‘capitalism’.  Waste and graft should not be synonymous with ‘capitalism’, but it is because of the people that sit on these boards of directors make bigger dividend checks the way it is now.  Again, they are terrorists who are destroying the world. They need to be stopped.

more to come….


Can we NOT Kill retail, Please?

Let’s all kill retail, right? So easy and probably cheaper to buy shit off the computer. Fuck the mall. Fuck people. People suck, right?
“This report, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, proves that retail powers the American economy. According to the study, retail is the largest private employer in the United States. Retail directly and indirectly supports 42 million jobs, provides $1.6 trillion in labor income and contributes $2.6 trillion annually to U.S. GDP.”
So, unless you’re Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, who’s gonna buy your product or your service? Certainly none of the unemployed retail workers. Who’s gonna buy your product by truckload to put in stores? The stores will be gone. You think Amazon’s gonna give you price point that allows you to make a profit?
42 million jobs to disappear. Where are these people going to find the money to buy anything you sell? They can be ‘entrepreneurs’ and come up with great new products and services and their customers will be ‘who?’ Who’s gonna make their products? More brown people in fucking hell-holes making $1 a day?
We can talk about how much Trump sucks all day, but who’s really cutting throats here? We all are. If we’re cutting throats, is anyone really innocent? Does ‘why; matter to someone who’s life is destroyed by lack of opportunity? Are you going to pay anyone $9 bucks an hour to cut your lawn when someone’s williing to do it for $5, even if it means they live 10-people-to a studio apt?
We’re at war with each other and we’ve been at this for a long time. The social compact isn’t worth TP to wipe our asses with. We point our fingers at ‘the lack of civility in politics’ while we make decisions every day that cut throats.
Why do you deserve safety and comfort when you so willingly destroy others without caution or care?
When I say ‘You’, I include myself in that. I’ve bought shit online.
But, we all have to look in the mirror here and realize that ‘politics’ isn’t just about govt, and ‘class war’ is more like ‘civil war’ and that we’re each stabbing ourselves and each other.
Are we all becoming agoraphobic? Is it just ‘OK’ now to hate people’ and that’s a punchline?  Fuck ‘community’, fuck your neighbor?
Sorry, but ‘fuck xx’ is an act of war, and people die and get hurt in war. When’s it gonna be your turn? Oh, ‘you’ve been hurt, too’? So? Is your response then to hurt others?
Our society, at large, is just becoming a steaming turd and it’s no wonder we’ve ‘elected’ a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths.  You know who sticks together? The fucking Christians. They, at least, are united through their hated of everyone that isn’t like them. We’re not even that united. We only hate everyone who isn’t specifically us. They’ve got our asses beat, even though they’re too fucking stupid to know that in their unity, they’ve championed the weapons of their own demise, too.
The extra $5 you spend on a shirt at the mall vs Amazon can keep employed the worker who then spends money on the service or good you’re providing, and keep your business running.
The vast majority of people buying shit online can afford the extra little cost to go out and keep retailers alive and keep people employed, so that those employees can buy our goods and services.
This zero-sum-game economy we have right now is circling the bowl. Desperate people do desperate things. Desperate people are full of anger, frustration, and rage and any one of us could wind up in the cross-hairs of these people.  Angry people don’t think well, and these are usually the people who vote out of spite and hate; so easily convinced that minorities and women have it better and so willing to punish them for those perceived crimes.
We’ve all heard about ‘institutionalized racism’, but what else is ‘institutionalized? Institutionalized misanthropy, gluttony, greed, selfishness, bigotry against everyone that isn’t specifically you?
Seriously, get out to a shopping center before they’re gone. Say hello to a clerk. Ask some questions, have a conversation.
We are So Far From Alone if we only allow ourselves to share ourselves with other people and vice versa. 95% of the shit you can find online you can still find in a store. Who knows, you may learn something from someone who’s job is to know things about the products they have. Most of these places are running sales on stuff almost all the time.
Our whole mindset needs to change because we’re literally turning into something that’s less than human.  Where’s the ‘nurturing mammal brain’ interaction? We’ve’ just been trained so that our lizard brain is the ‘user’ and our human brain is the ‘program’. Shit is backwards.
I just had to say this in light of Amazon now buying Whole Foods and automating and further destroying the economy for an even larger group of people.
Just keep in mind that there is one store that a lot of people are still going to to get their hands on the merchandise.
The gun store.
When they have nothing left to lose, what will we lose?

‘Only Human’ Is the WORST Saying

As a collective, we are Lizards!  I’m not going for ‘original’ here, but it’s something that really needs to be examined, studied, and fucking Improved Upon. We Have To Do Better Than This!


We are so far from being even ‘Mammal’, as a collective. Mammals are nurturing, warm-blooded, therefore empathetic.

Hundreds of thousands of examples have been shown that well-fed mammals provide love and caring to animals not even of their own species. There’s countless videos of cows or sheep nursing carnivore babies and similar examples.
Here’s one. Cow nurses monkeys: https://youtu.be/TA0rZ0dtzd8?t=1

What’s my point?  My point is that humanity, as a collective, is FAILING.

Largely, it’s failing because we continually allow our best attributes as a species to be degraded, or, more importantly fragmented and divided. We also let lesser traits be glorified, such as ‘power’ (as if we’d have a chance vs actual powerful beasts without weapons, which were created by human-only traits).

We’re also failing by applying out-dated and un-evolved concepts to shape and define our existence. ‘Darwinism’ hasn’t been relevant for humans for probably 4.5 to 5 full millennia if not longer than that (maybe even a million years).  Once man figured how to plant grain, ‘Darwinism’ as a concept (though not to be actually conceived until thousands of years later). By that time, man had already figured out some weapons and strategies to avoid and protect themselves from beasts that could kill them.
What they had not discovered then, and what we still, as a species, have not discovered, is how to peacefully coexist in a land of plenty.
On a side note, this to me illustrates the greatest failure of the Torah, or ‘Old Testament’. It’s also the failure of all the ‘People Of Abraham’ religions.  Right from the get-go, in the first 20 pages or so, it gets everything Completely Fucking Wrong about human existence!  The ‘apple’ (knowledge, clearly) was not the ‘one-way ticket’ out of the fucking ‘garden’. Knowledge was the Only Way To Live In ‘The Garden’.

Getting back to the 3-brain theory: Lizard, Mammal, Human…  We really need to De-Prioritze the Lizard Brain. It’s almost irrelevant at this point and it Should Have Been Made Irrelevant by our species thousands of years ago.  Every one of the problems that the Lizard Brain was useful in assisting with should’be been solved thousands of years ago.  Hunger? Plenty of food to eat if we share. Fear of the elements and freezing to death? Human-please!!  Fear of being attacked by greater beasts? Human-please!
Only from other humans are we challenged, unless we’re fucking idiots and choose to go where apex predators live and get all up in their shit. Mankind has had the capacity to live in harmony with nature for thousands of years. If they weren’t so busy killing themselves because of the greed of the few they’d have figured shit out much better by oh, 3K BC!

How many civilizations have crumbled because of lizard-brained selfishness and greed that had scientists and mathematicians in their midst discovering things and figuring things out that would’ve revolutionized human history, only for it to be lost in war and pointless destruction? 10, 20?  Every year, new archaeological discoveries are made of peoples and cultures that existed before other civilizations that we had thought were ‘first’.  We thought these people were the ‘first’ to do something. Then, we find that these other people were the ‘first’ to do something, and so on and so on.
For example: the Egyptian Pyramids? ‘Nice Try, Johnny-come-lately’ said about 4-5 other peoples that had figured that shit out millenniums before. Why did these other people’s work not stand? Why were they not able to have that world become ‘the world’?

Because they, too, were fucking ‘Lizard-Brains’. “Eat-Fuck-Kill’ taken to the next level, controlling their human brains. The Lizard-Brain was the ‘user’ and the human brain was the ‘program’.  The ‘user’ had the ‘program’ serve it’s ego and lust for power, that ‘lust for power’ being an extension of the Lizard Brain’s more primal need.  In service of the ego, war destroyed all other progress. War, out of the greed of the few, led to destruction of the means of survival for the whole. It destroyed the innovations, the art, the giant steps in evolution that had been made; razed it to the ground and lowered humanity back to grunting apes for decades or centuries. Rinse, Repeat.  Now, we’re on the brink of doing it again.

That’s the Shit That Has To Stop!  The Lizard Brain is the enemy of humanity, unless the human brain can channel it’s primordial cousin to spark movement in directions necessary to save us all.  ‘My offspring’ will not further it’s bloodline if the whole species goes extinct. The value of pursuing individual safety, comfort, self-actualization is ZERO if We All Die!

So far, I’ve focused on the Lizard Brain, and the Human Brain. How do we get from most highly valuing the most primitive brains to most highly valuing our most developed aspect of our species?  We need the ‘glue’ that is our mammal brain. The nurturing brain. that’s what we need to Really Examine, Cherish, Understand.  We need to utilize the value of that bridge and that’s why I focused on the example of mammals nursing mammals of other species. How beautiful is that? That literally makes your heart stir when you see a cow nursing a deer or a tiger nursing an antelope or whatever. Seriously, you can find ‘nurturing porn’ in every variety, just about.  How many videos of baby lions, tigers, and bears playing together do we need to see to have the lightbulb go on?!?
What’s going on there? Why is that happening? Why are these animals not just immediately killing each other?  Because their not hungry, cold, horny-AF?
Meet, just a little bit, the most floor-level needs on Maslow’s chart and these fuckin’ creatures share the love beyond belief.  Ah, ‘Beyond Belief’. Why is it beyond belief? Why are we so surprised when we see anything but blood and gore from the animal kingdom?
What is interesting, though, is how animal species kill each other the way humans kill each other.  Even mammals fight with their ‘lizard-brain’ motivations…. and that’s where the full value of the Human Brain comes in. That’s where we Should Reign Supreme.

C’mon, ‘Man’ (mankind)!  We know enough, now.  There’s enough of every resource to care for every human and animal on this planet, and we know enough to find a much better equilibrium of population size to get our numbers back in check. We don’t need to be cruel about it, even.  50 years of intelligent family planning and we would never even need another abortion. We have medicine and technology to prevent men and women from being potent offspring creators for individually AND culturally desired periods of time, until proper times for procreation are at hand. Eugenics? No, just sane procreation philosophies in action. Do we want any child under 18 having babies? Really?
Do we want certifiably insane men procreating?

Logic, and reason, combined with the nurturing ethos of sated mammals, can produce ‘Eden’.  We’ve learned the lessons, we’ve just chosen to ignore and discredit the good ones because they shamed and scolded us when we’ve chosen to embrace our lizard-brained selves.  We’ve let our lizard-brained selves use our ‘programs’ of logic and reason to rationalize lizard-brained behavior based on lizard-brained priorities.
What is ‘vanity’ that is not ultimately fear? What is ‘pride’ that is not the ‘buzz’ of conquering hunger?

Much of the task necessary to stave off extinction lies in redefining what ‘success’ is. We need ways of identifying ourselves devoid, or at least much less dependent on ”>”or “<“. (‘greater than’ or ‘less than’).  How can we encourage fitness without ‘fat-shaming’? How can we appreciate winning a football game without likening ‘losing’ to the primal fear of starvation or being eaten or killed by an apex predator?

Can we ‘nurture’ others who are not our close family and friends without feeling like we’re starving ourselves in the process? ‘Us Against Them’. Does that offer any value, knowing what we know?

More to come….


Serving Evil Is Treason

It’s treason against your country, it’s treason against your species, it’s treason against your planet and all life upon that planet.

So, what is ‘Treason’? Let’s ask one of the oldest and most trusted literary sources of information. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/treason

You tell me: Is this Treason? http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/30/politics/trump-bannon-administrative-state/

Is perpetual lying about where things actually stand on issue after issue for the purpose of pushing an agenda that will do material harm to pretty much all life on Planet Earth treason?

More on this definition of ‘treason’ to come. However, knowing what we know; is supporting this engine of destruction also treason?  I believe it is. These are some other things I believe.

Ignorance is NOT an excuse: If you are of a herd who have wallowed in lies and misinformation because they support your worldview, or that of your family; a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic worldview, thereby causing you to believe lies over unadulterated fact on every substantial issue that affects all of us, then you are 99% likely to engage in behavior that is tantamount to treason. Voting for politicians who support destructive and incredibly harmful policy is treasonous behavior, in this author’s opinion. In likelihood, you are also engaging in other destructive behavior like using racist, xenophobic, sexist, anti-LGBT language in the public sphere, thereby influencing others into supporting and perpetrating said behavior.  Context and degree do matter in this department.

Now, we get into serving as tools or vehicles for destroying the institutions and ideals of this nation.  This pertains to local and state levels as well. Police who violate the oath to protect and serve are traitors, period. They are betraying those for whom they serve.  This especially goes for those working for ICE, but also in service to a DEA that serves Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, the Private Prison Industry, the Military Industrial Complex, and everyone else other than the citizens of this nation whom they are sworn to serve and protect.

Next; let’s get into ‘Honor & Protect’… The Armed Forces. The Armed Forces are not The Government, they are not ‘We The People’. They are not ‘The Citizenry of the USA, or ‘The American Taxpayer’.  The Armed Forces are SERVANTS of these entities. They are SERVANTS of The Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, ‘We The People’, The Citizens Of The United States Of America.  You know ‘The Pledge Of Allegiance’? Those who enter the Armed Forces of the USA are pledging their allegiance and their bodies, minds and souls towards Protecting This Republic, for which our ‘Old Glory’ flag stands as a symbol, a symbol For Liberty AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!
As a member of the armed forces, are you serving your country when you follow the orders of a traitor?  When the civilian leadership of the Republic For Which You Stand is committing treason 5 five times a fucking day, are you serving your country?  The Answer is FUCK NO!”
When your superiors, including said civilian leadership is ordering you to commit atrocities that are clearly nothing but naked, unabashed murder, are you serving your country?
So, let me ask you this: When was the last time the US military fired a weapon in actual defense of this country? 1945? Can you honestly tell me another occasion where the USA’s armed forces needed to kill someone to Protect The Republic?
Did we fight the Korean War for the protection of The Republic?
Did we fight the Vietnam war for the protection of The Republic?
Did we fight either Iraq War for the protection of The Republic?

Ok, so, it’s fucking obvious what you’re going to say now because of how well you’ve been trained to be subservient to the machines of oligarchy.
“Our military keeps us safe”, “We have enemies who would look to do us harm if we were not so well defended” “Our military has been used aggressively to dissuade our enemies from attacking us” (Well, if you believe the official story of 9/11, our military was fucking useless against 19 (mostly-) Saudis with box-cutters, while our military’s air defense deliberately stood down and allowed the ‘terrorists’ to succeed in killing 4,000+ people.)
Why were we attacked, though? You don’t think it was as retribution for the USA’s other uses of the military to aid and abet multinational corporations  in stealing natural resources from the citizens of these middle-Eastern countries? Or, maybe it was in retaliation for the USA’s support of a patently fascist Likud government’s oppression and subjugation of Muslim people on land that was essentially stolen from them by Caucasian, Christian Europe and the USA?

As a member of the US Armed Forces: Who are you serving? What ends are you serving? Who is profiting from your actions?  It can be objectively stated that our armed forces have not acted to serve and protect this Republic since 1945.  All the king’s horses and all the king’s men have not kept We The People of the USA safe.
Now to really double down: The popular slogan used to ‘support the troops’ is that ‘they are fighting for your FREEDOM’. Are they?  We The People have been losing freedom and liberty at breakneck pace since 9/11. Our right to privacy is now officially gone on the internet, GPS all over the planet is literally identifying our whereabouts 24/7. Our phones calls are being recorded and kept on servers, every key-stroke we make on the computer is being saved for future analysis, or future inundation for commercial purposes.
We are not allowed to march in peaceful protest in most places, but are either relegated to ‘free-speech zones’ away from the eyes of viewers and fellow citizens. 18 statehouses are close to signing in law bills that will classify labor strikes and protest marches as ‘terrorism’.

Let’s look at just what ‘freedom’ our armed forces ARE serving to protect:
The freedom now for coal mines to dump sludge in rivers, The freedom for employers to steal your wages; the freedom for employers to make employees work in unsafe conditions, the freedom for multinational corporations to run tar-sludge oil pipelines, all of which have leaked or will leak (because every one of them does, sooner not later) through our states, poisoning our rivers and land, the freedom for multinational corporations to violate treaties with Native Americans, stealing their land and eventually poisoning them and their children. This is 100% unadulterated fact. This is not ‘opinion’.
Let’s see…what are some of the other ‘freedoms’ our armed forces are willing to kill and die for to protect: Here’s a happy one: the freedom for the armed forces to no longer provide daycare on military bases. How’s that one for ya? The freedom for male soldiers to rape other soldiers, especially when they have rank above the victim. The freedom to expel through dishonorable discharge the victims of sexual assault. The freedom for male soldiers to post nude and dehumanizing pictures of female soldiers on the internet.
Let’s get back to some broader scope ‘freedoms’ that our armed forces will kill and die to protect: The freedom for corporations to manufacture overseas without being a ‘foreign company’ and paying tariffs, and then being a ‘foreign company’ when it’s time to pay taxes in the states in which the corporate offices exist, or to the federal govt in this country. While they’re doing that, they’re advertising on TV wrapping themselves in Old Glory. Ain’t that a great ‘freedom’ to die for, soldier?

Listen, I can go On AND ON here with more of these ‘freedoms for the rich’ and ‘deprivations of freedom and liberty for the other 99% of us’. And I will in other posts.
But, it’s time to take a long fucking look at WHO you are serving, WHO are you killing for and WHO are you willing to die for, because none of you have done either for WeThePeople for a LONG FUCKING TIME!


Are you aware that since Trump has been in office, our standards for limiting civilian casualties have gone out the window? Our military is now dropping bombs with ZERO regard for killing innocent civilians. We are, in fact, dropping bombs with ALMOST ZERO strategic benefit.
Donald Trump said, during the campaign, that it was OK to go after the families of terrorists. Even that would be an exponentially greater standard than what has been happening in the last 2+ months.  We are murdering people to ‘set the tone’, to show our ‘enemies’ that we have zero mercy and zero regard for human life. These bombs are not dropping themselves. Soldiers are dropping these bombs. We are literally murdering people by the hundreds in Cold Blood.  Is this what the Greatest Generation fought Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito for? So that one day their great grandsons and daughters would, in the name of the flag of the United States of America murder innocent people in cold blood?



Hitler was an amateur

compared to what we’re dealing with now.

I was going to post this directly to Facebook but I’m putting it in here instead so not everyone has to suffer my ‘negativity’ (“the truth is a bummer, dude”).




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I’m starting to wonder if Trump and Republicans have the same idea in regards to creating ethnic purity in the USA as Likud govt has for Israel. Not just ethnic purity. It seems a movement is afoot to purge anyone who isn’t white, straight and Christian. These people, both in the cabinet and surrounding Trump’s inner circle (including his sons) are literal white supremacists AND evangelical Christian zealots/Rapture believers and subscribers. I’m not making this up one bit. Mike Pompeo. Do you know who that guy is? Erik Prince? Know who that is? Steve Bannon? Trump’s own son has been a devout follower of Stormfront for years. Google Stormfront These people are running our government now.
But, Hillary’s emails, amirite?
In case you haven’t been following. The issue that essentially sunk her campaign, the private server for email thing? Trump and his people are doing it in broad daylight holding up a middle finger.
Like I said, it was intended for my FB wall so it’s short. I’ll be glad to discuss this with anyone that wants to chime in.

Get A Grip: It’s a Dog.

People, in general > dogs. regarding the importance of lives.

Some of y’all get really creepy sometimes posting things that suggest you believe otherwise.

In light of the human suffering on this planet, and Strictly In This Context, I don’t give a fuck about your dog. Sorry, Not Sorry.

It gets Really obnoxious seeing so many things on here with the insane dog-worship.Your dog is no more important than a cheetah, in fact it’s a 1,000 degrees less important relative to scarcity. Would I shoot a cheetah if it meant saving a human life? Duh, yeah! Would you shoot a dog to save an innocent human life? I really wonder.

Now, the key word in the above sentence is ‘innocent’. If a cop shot my dog, we’d have a Serious problem relating life form to life form, where I’d really want to change the nature of the asshole’s ‘life form’ status.

But, with the amount and degree of human suffering going on, with so many Americans and other white peoples on this planet showing insane level of disregard for non-white people on this planet (and other white people too that may not be male, Christian, straight, or just someone that isn’t you), seeing the dog-worship that people post every day completely smacks of oblivious narcissism.

Why am I favoring human life here? Human potential.

Fido can do all the tricks he wants but Fido will never find a cure for a dread disease, or donate millions to the same cause, or support a family financially, or be a legacy to sustain a family.  I’m talking about capability. How seeds are grown impacts the fruit of the harvest much more so than the seed itself. But dismissing the seed entirely means you are incapable and undeserving of any harvest.

That’s enough of this: Just have some fucking perspective, please?


She just couldn’t help herself

This AIPAC speech thing is such a bummer.
Patently supporting Likud’s atrocities and illegal settlements in the West Bank is so vulgar and insults the very fabric of what the USA stands for. It’s a nuclear bomb dropped on any pretense of the USA having ‘moral authority’ or being the ‘shining city on the hill’ or whatever metaphors work for you. Obama had earned a lot of my respect for having the righteous gumption to push back against Netanyahu while Romney and all the others formed the line to lick Likud’s very dirty ass (and very bloody hands) and now the leading Democratic Presidential candidate for POTUS is laying claim to be King Of Likud Support, completely condoning all violations of Int’l law, blatant racism, murder and de facto apartheid. We’re talking about a candidate who shared hugs with Henry Kissinger, George W Bush, Donald Trump and, of course, Bibi Netanyahu who is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz rolled into one big ball of goat excrement.
This election has proved to be a choice of one candidate who looks to represent WeThePeople versus a mountain of pure evil. The scant daylight that existed between the Rethuglican field and the Establishment Democrat is disappearing quickly.
I knew where Hillary Clinton stood on the issue and tried to tell anyone who would listen, but now she just showed her ‘ugly on the inside’ to the world, proving to brown people everywhere that she stands on the side of the oppressor, which is no surprise to those of us that have always paid attention to these things.
Too much of a Broad Brush, you say?
Ever heard of a place called Honduras?
Just to prove that I’m far from alone in my disappointment with this development: http://www.salon.com/2016/03/22/she_sounds_like_netanyahu_hillary_clinton_goes_extra_hawkish_in_her_biased_die_hard_pro_israel_aipac_speech/